Zombie Heart

by Bonstone

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Written over the course of a few years, Zombie Heart is about love, loss and picking up the pieces again. You get your heart broken, you get over it and it gets stomped on again but it keeps on beating. Also there's a vampire cowboy and a boy meeting a girl during the zombie apocalypse.


released November 18, 2014

Produced by: Tom Young & Rob Bonstin
Recorded at: Mohair Studios In Union City, CA
Overdubs: Rancho Jackson, Fremont, CA & Montana Studios, Folsom, CA

Mixed by Rob Bonstin & Tom Young at Beacon St. Studios, Studio Azure &
Studio 880 In Oakland, CA. “Luv Runs Deep” Mixed with Mark McGee

Mastered by LANDR & Rob Bonstin

Rob would like to thank: Max, Puddin, Susie, Mom & Dad, Greg, Brooks,
Ray Merrill, Chris Ross, The Deltabangers, The B-Side 70s & fans,
Luvplanet & tribe, and all of the players & Ssngers who contributed to
these songs. And especially Tom for talking me into making this album!

Tom would like to thank: Rob, for asking me to produce this album! all
the cats who graciously contributed their time and talents to this project,
Bert @ Guitar Showcase (great mic), Tony @ Aantone's, The B-Side 70s,
The Honey Wilders, Luvplanet, Keith @ Club 21, Cindy @ Azure, my
roomies: Ter, Dan, & Ang, my old neighbors (for not calling the fuzz when
we cranked it), and Mohair Studios.

Lead Vocals & Keyboards: Rob Bonstin
Guitars & Vocals: Tom Young
Bass & Vocals: Brian “Action” Jackson


Vocals: Nicole Sutton & Mark McGee (”Luv Runs Deep”)
Mark Pena (”Right Where We Left Off”)

Guitars: Rick Martinez (“Unite” & “The Love Inside”),
Terry Montana (“Dust Cloud”) , Rodney Hobbs (“Been Down That Road”
& “Right Where We Left Off”), Joe “Tex” Selby (“Crazy Happy”),
Mark McGee (“Luv Runs Deep”)

Drums: Mick Sorey (“Unite”, “She’s A Revolution”),
Sean Posadas (“Outside Inside”, “The Only Thing, “Zee”),
Steve Quartarola (“Take Your Heart”, “Dust Cloud”, “Crazy
Happy”, “The Fighting Time”), Mark Peña (“Right Where We Left Off”)
Carter Kennedy (“The Love Inside”, “Down That Road”),

Bass: John Lucasey (“Right Where We Left Off”)
Upright Bass: Ray Quellar (“The Only Thing”)
Bass: Rob Bonstin (“Been Down That Road”)

All Music & Lyrics Written by Rob Bonstin (Bonstone Muisc, BMI)
EXCEPT: She’s a Revolution: Music & Lyrics by Rob Bonstin, Tom Young
& Brian “Action” Jackson (Bonstone Music, BMI & Guitartomytunes,
ASCAP) - Been Down That Road: Music by Rodney Hobbs, Lyrics by
Rob Bonstin - Right Where We Left Off: Music by Mark Peña & Rodney
Hobbs, Lyrics by Mark Peña

Nicole Sutton & Mark McGee courtesy of Luvplanet (www.luvplanet.net)



all rights reserved


Bonstone Oakland, California

Veterans of the local music scene, these 3 long-time friends have banded together to spread the musical madness. Armed with nothing but elbow grease and amplifiers, Rob, Tom & Brian are using their experience and know-how to get it done like pros.

The forthcoming album, titled "Zombie Heart", represents what happens when ya get your heart broken and then you come outta that and find new love.
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Track Name: Unite
And here we fall divided Split up and polarized
Are we so odd and even Just open up your eyes

How can we even function How can we beat the odds
One nation of dysfunction Is that our only cause

It's now or never people It's time to swallow pride
Lets take the lesser evil Just up and compromise

You know we're not so different All make the same mistakes
We want the same existence To find our happy place

unite and save the world Just give a little love
You know it's all we need

No fault no foul and no harm done
Just hug it out and get along

There's no two ways about it Theres only one of us
Just come together on it We know who we can trust

Let's stand as one united We'll find some common ground
Let's start with love and kindness And tear the walls on down
Track Name: Outside Inside
my heart on my sleeve every word and deed
I don't hold back but maybe I should

More or less connected or ones we may not know
type into the glass window to the soul

nothing to hide true on the inside
swallow the pride outside on the inside

it's a different world information on wings
caught up in the flow blood in digital veins

life so disjointed too much and too fast
static connections how long will it last
Track Name: She's A Revolution
I saw her standing in the cold
I saw the passion in her eyes
She has the strength of her convictions
I saw the true extent of pride

She has the anger of the ages
She is the voice of disparate times
She holds a banner for the people
She'll be convicted of their crimes

She is the girl of revolution
She's gonna set the world free
No fears no doubt no retribution
She is all I need

I saw her at her most intense
She pulled no punches no remorse
I want to tell her she's my hero
But thats a word she can't endorse

I know I don't have
All those big ideas
But when it comes to her
I know just where I stand
I'm just a faceless fan
Track Name: Take Your Heart
How would you know I'm the real deal
If I told you that How would that feel
Would you buy that From a mile a mile away
If you saw me comin Or run the other way

We'd make it look good But it wouldn't be right
We'd try.. to pretend For just tonight

I don't wanna take your heart
I don't wanna use it by force
I just wanna let you come around
To my side of love

Would you feel alive If I was more sincere
Would you make the most Of all you hold dear
Does it make more sense To see the other side
For just what it is And know that it's right

I'd rather take the risk And be who I am
My foolish pride be damned

Let it come Naturally
Let it flow from our hearts
Then we'll be where we wanna be
Track Name: Zee
We met behind the Starbucks
When all the shit went down
Shared weapons and a donut
We didn't make a sound

When all this blows over
We'll find a quiet place
Rebuild society
Restart the human race

Our plan was pure and simple
Stay down and survive
Make our way to the coast
Find others still alive

If one gets infected
We made a special pact
I'd do her or she'd do me
If it comes to that

She means so much to me in a world of living death
Plus she has my back and of course I have hers too

We share one last doritos
Could be the last one left
I'd give her anything
I'd give her my last breath

If one gets infected
We made a special pact
I'd do her or she'd do me
If it comes to that
When all this blows over
We'll find a quiet place
Rebuild society
Restart the human race
Track Name: The Only Thing
The only thing that stays the same
The only thing on which we rely
The only thing of which we're made
The only thing you cant defy

It keeps you up at night
makes you fall asleep
Can't hold on to it
It is yours to keep
doesn't care about
The plans you make
Don't matter how
hard you try

The only thing that comes along
The only thing that happens
The only thing that seems so wrong
The only thing that matters

You can wait for it
You make it happen
You can count on it
A piece of the action
You keep it going on
Never let's you down
It doesn't stop
as it flies by
Track Name: The Love Inside
One day You'll see all that you deserve
True love No fear plenty in reserve
I've been Looking found it in my heart
Starts there Stays there does its part

Let me leave it up to you
Let me show you what to do
It's the only place to start
It's the love inside your heart
it's a love that never dies
Never leaves you with goodbyes
Not a science it's an art
It's the love inside your heart

One love Always with you every day
Leaves you Stronger a path to find your way
All you ever really need is here
Inside of you a course to steer
Track Name: Luv Runs Deep
All these roads I've taken led me here
Opened up my soul to you so near
this is where I need to be right now
Here in this moment we have allowed

I had always thought this would never happen
And here it is about to change our lives

This luv runs deep, strong and true - luv is deep
This luv is real, it's here it's new - luv is real

All this hurt we've taken melts away
There is no fear just brighter days
No more illusions the truth is clear
Nothing to hide its all right here

I know now it's all possible what we have right now
nothings gonna stop us what we can become
Track Name: Dust Cloud
My journey to darkness
Shadows dance across my eyes
I wander in silence
Leave it all to chance again

I've lived a thousand lives
I know I'll live a thousand more
I've drained them countless times
The weight my heart endures

I leave you to wonder
Who I am what I've become
A stranger a demon
I could simply make you one

The desert heat the cactus bloom
Relentless as I am
I ride hard to follow you
And I keep rolling on
Track Name: Down That Road
The tears were falling in my drink that day
but I am so much better now in every way
and time has cleared my head
not hung on what you said
But starting to be glad that I can
breathe again and on my own
I am in control
I know this in my soul
I will be just fine with my self
and I'll be on my way

And so I will move on
and I will carry on
I will live my life for me
For I am finally free
only I will have a say
in what I do today

Been down that road before
should have known better
won't fall for that no more
I will have my way

I will be my own true self today
And I'll be so much better then I ever was
And i will love much more
no matter what the score
And prove to myself I can seize the day
Track Name: Crazy Happy
Eyes so wide might pop out my head
Heart so fast I can't stay in bed
Dizzy now I jumped up too fast
Can't stop now gotta make it last

I'm amused by the feeling
With all these voices in my head

So happy I'm wild & free
I'm crazy full of lunacy
So happy I can't deny
I'm crazy and I think I can fly

Cold sweat breaking I could go for miles
Breakneck pace and it's no surprise
Running fast I cant slow down
Keeping on when I hit the ground

and it's more then a feeling
And it's all inside my head
Track Name: Right Where We Left Off
Long-Time Friends
Playing again
From Tonka Toys to making noise
We pick it right up again

High School Friends
Need not pretend
‘Though drama plays were yesterday
We pick it right up again

Do you remember when, it felt so good to be alive?
So it is now my friend. We picked it up Right where we left off

Different Roads
Carried our loads
With endless joys raising girls and boys
We raised ourselves in the end

Chorus Lines
Verses that rhyme
From guitar chords lyrics were born
We pick it right up again

Do you remember when, it felt so good to be alive?
So it is now my friend. We picked it up Right where we left off

Hey! I remember when, it felt so good to be alive!
Without that time my friend, would we have known we were alive?
Yeah! I tell you my friend, It feels so good to be alive!
So it is now my friend. We picked it up Right where we left off
Track Name: The Fighting Time
In the darkness your a dreamer
who’s lived a thousand lives
When you wake it’s the same life
you’re living on the inside.

Moving forward In a struggle
for the things just out of reach
Making circles in a space that you won’t leave
break the cycle

I just keep looking forward
blindly I walk the line
I know someday I’ll be there
this is the fighting time

We exist in a moment
in time we won't forget
every second is a jewel
in a crown of no regrets

If you listen you can hear the voice
of reason in your mind
Pay attention to it if it leads you
to a better understanding

Hold your head above water
with the shifting tides
it erases the problems
till the next batch arrives
patience survive